Blackjacks, Saps, & Flatsaps

Blackjacks, Saps, & Flatsaps

All Samson products come with: a steel pommel; an industrial steel spring; steel neck; heavy wall steel jacket, containing poured Led Clay, in Flathead or steel Domehead.  Our steel jackets provide protection and integrity to the led heads, by preventing chipping, deformation or displacement; assuring your Samson product won't be at all compromised. Completely sheathed with an  industrial elasticized polymer compound, as shield against the elements: non skid, highly durable and outperforming - by far - leather or vinyl; with a functional and removable, size adjustable strap (tear rated @220 lb).

As an optional, we also offer our Blackjacks & Saps by their individual parts:

Pommeled Grips & Led Clay Filled Heads; with instructions, for you to assemble or make your own. 

Samson Blackjacks, Saps, & Flatsaps are efficient and effective, built slim and clean, highly compacted and heavily weighted. We will never be undersized or underweight. With a Samson product, you get quality, and much more 'Mass!' for your buck. They will last a lifetime.